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"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you" —Frank Lloyd Wright

Kendra Russo is the owner of Found and Foraged Fibers. She specializes in botanical printing and natural dyeing, creating beautiful and unique wearable art that keeps us close to nature. Her focus is on having a minimal impact on the environment, by using deadstock garments as well as sustainable, regenerative silk, linen and wool. Recycling materials whenever possible. She believes in creating a sense of community and connection by keeping her business small-scale and local by sourcing dye material from Botanical Colors in Seattle as well as ethically growing and foraging berries, leaves, twigs and other living color on the land she currently resides on in Skagit Valley, Washington. By leveraging these values, she hopes to inspire people to stay in tune with nature, the wheel as it turns. Adorning others in beautiful pieces of natural art that will last for years to come.


Her journey into textiles and natural dyeing came unexpectedly at 35, after years of manual labor and customer service, she was ready for a big shift!  She studied horticulture in Seattle and has always been intrigued by the green world. Most of her 20’s and 30’s were spent with her hands deep in the ground growing food and medicine as well as getting to know the stunning flora of the Pacific Northwest. In early 2019 she stumbled upon botanical printing and decided to head to Florida to study with a textile artist who was teaching the craft. She immediately became enamored and dove deep into the magical world of eco printing. Spending endless hours (which has turned into years) exploring and playing with the plants that are growing around her. 

Forever finding gratitude to be able to stay in connection to the plants and seasons in this way, she is honored to have you on this journey with her.

Get to Know who Creates Your Garments

While back visiting family north of Pittsburgh, PA, Kendra was thrilled to have connected with the organization East End Cooperative Ministries and their program Sew Forward. Her business began to blossom quickly and it was time to pass the sewing onto new hands so that she could fully focus on natural dyeing and botanical printing. Since meeting Sydney and Zuhra she has been able to expand on the complexity of her patterns as well as improving the the overall quality of the garments. They have been an incredible addition to

Found and Foraged Fibers and have aided in the growth and success of her business.

Meet The Team

East End Cooperative Ministry 
A 501(c)3 nonprofit

East End Cooperative Ministry 

A 501(c)3 nonprofit

SewForward is not an independent nonprofit organization.  We are a program of the East End Cooperative Ministry.  EECM changes the lives of those facing the impacts of poverty.  Whether offering food assistance to those who are experiencing food insecurity, working alongside those experiencing housing insecurity and barriers to employment, or reaching out to young people to help them work toward a brighter future, EECM has been servicing the community for over 50 years. 

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