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Do you have a piece of clothing that you already own and love that you would like me to add my art to?

I can botanically dye and eco print on your garments that are made from cotton, linen, hemp, silk, wool.. basically any fiber that is natural and does not include polyester.
I create custom pieces in small batches so if you want to be in the know when there is availability please fill out the subscribe form and turn on my post notifications on Instagram @foundandforagedfibers

Instruction and other things to keep in mind...

* Custom Orders have a 2-3 week turn around time once I receive your item.

* The $30 Custom Order you purchase here will be a deposit to hold your spot. The remaining balance with return shipping is due at the time of completion via Venmo,Zelle or Apple Cash.

* Please note the following listed prices list are the STARTING  PRICE for custom orders. Prices vary depending on how much of the garment you want to have printed and or dyed. (**Price does not include return shipping)

* Custom Orders include but are not limited to

Dresses $90
Jeans/Pants $65
Jacket $75
Shorts $55
Tops $55
Baby Items $50

* Once you place a Custom Order I will send you an email with more details and instructions on how to send your item to have the garment printed and/or dyed.

* Make sure you have an item ready to send to me. ( I ask that you please ship the item to me within 5 days of deposit made)


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