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Carry nature with you...If you love the Earth and are an advocate of sustainable fashion, these slow fashion fibers are just for you! 

The eco print technique is created when leaves and berries are layered and bundled on natural material, rolled around a wooden dowel and then steamed for several hours to achieve a clear and vibrant print. The leaves and berry pigments transfer onto the fabric and if properly cared for will not wash away.

Some of the plants and herbs I use for printing are peony, walnut, sumac, oak, maple, ferns, eucalyptus and wild berries. I constantly experiment and discover different colors from different plants.

Aside from harvesting plants of my bioregion to dye each individual garment I also grow many dye plants in my home garden and source dye extracts from Botanical Colors located in Seattle, WA.

Eco printing is a beautiful and peaceful process that connects me with the forest and I transfer this connection to you.

Each piece is unique, one of a kind and can never be repeated, for better or for worse!